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Medicaid Choice Coalition, whose members would have been shut out of the state by House versions of the bill that relied entirely on PLEs. Nike Roshe Run Shoes Racing Club chairman] Mike Symons has a horse with Willie Mullins, who Ruby rides for, and got in contact with him and then I spoke to s] manager, his sister Jennifer and he was keen. To tell you the truth I haven't even spoken to Ruby yet. I think I'll see after the races on Saturday night. c I am more than supprised this does not get more publicity with DBC...oh wait it can't as reporters are banned from the courts and the council seek gagging orders on those involved. If only you knew how evil DBC (aptly named) SS are this story would not shock you! I have had more independantly investigated complaints upheld about DBC SS (childrens) than probably anyone in Darlington and have they changed NO! They live and work in a secret world where the courts are cloesd to the public and the press and want all you sheeple to believe what an earlier comment s said "There's no smoke without fire" simply UNTRUE if you upset DBC they turn on your children by way of a punishment, and then gag you about telling anyone! Why not look at some of the Freedom of information questions asked on about DBC SS and you will see how long this has been going on for. I hope he sues them for every penny he can and if he needs any evidence of upheld complaints intot heir working practices get in touch as I have loads of them against DBC they might help him win. Time to turn the tables on these unanswerable people, perhaps thats why all Social Services are trying to get the newly released film "Traffic" banned strange that in the trailer DBC crops up at just over 7 minutes!! Now tell me theres no smoke without fire! 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