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"We did have a couple of particular questions that we wanted to ask her, and we were able to do so, and she was able to respond," Yancey told a handful of reporters after the meeting. "We asked the secretary about her and her family's history with the war on drugs both at home and abroad and how she felt about her involvement in that violence that has been perpetuated, especially against communities of color and against black folks." michael kors outlet online Berkshire has a AA rating from S P, the third-highest of 10 investment-grade levels. The company was stripped of its AAA rating in 2010, a year in which MrBuffett cut the cash pile and took on additional debt to buy railroad BNSF. It was later lowered one step further in 2013 after S P revised its criteria for evaluating insurance companies. u nike run shoes

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However, a reported factor in the surge in Baltimore鈥檚 murder rate since April is an arrest slowdown by Baltimore police, in retaliation against what they perceived as an insufficiently aggressive crackdown by City Hall on the largely peaceful Freddie Gray demonstrations. Police arrested only 1,177 in May, the first full month after the protests, a 43 percent drop from April and less than a third of the number of arrests the previous May. With 42 people killed, this was the single deadliest month since 1971, until it was surpassed in July, when 45 people were killed. b The panel's recommendation that ICAC only have the power to make findings of corruption in cases of serious conduct reflects concerns expressed in the wake of the Cunneen ruling that the watchdog should not be a second police force or crime commission. 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