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Informing this at a news conference here today, Organisation Chief Executive office K S Menon said that this was for the eight time the SMOI was organizing the expo and with over 50 stalls set up by weavers and silk producers from across the country, including Jammu and Kashmir, Kancheepuram and Dharmavaram. The objective of organizing such expo in each and every time was to make aware the consumers about the purity of silk as these days the people were being cheated with synthetic silk as the people could not identify which was pure and which was synthentic. Pointing out that the cost for pure silk stood at Rs 3000 per KG, he said the cost for synthetic silk, which could not been identified by the common people, was between Rs 200 to 250 per kg. Though Karnatka was producing 60 to 64 per cent of the total silk in the country, Kerala stood at the top in the customers list in the country, he pointed out. Besides in Kochi, the expo would also be organized in Thiruvananthapuram, Mr Menon added. Pointing out that the silk industry brought about Rs 8000 crore business in the country, he said the industry was mainly found in small scale industry in India and it was the livelihood for over 70 lakh people.UNI CGV GM 1823 -- (UNI) -- C-1-1-DL0312-240674.Xml Michael Kors Bags Some communities in the UK have little attachment to the country and that makes them vulnerable to radicalization, Cameron says, according to excerpts released by his office. He delivered a harsh warning to young people who might consider joining the group. f It could be a sign of age but I鈥檓 finally unable to squeeze in a pudding at will, even when rammed to the gills. In any case, I鈥檇 always known such gluttony was faintly immoral 鈥?even in the name of journalism. Cheap Air Jordan Shoes "If it s a two, we ll stay," said Pickett."But when it gets tothree and four, I want to be gone." 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Michael Kors Bags According to Lins, an aspect to be highlighted in the book is the economy, especially the idea that the economic growth should not be exaggerated. Decades later, mass protests against the flag by those who said it was a symbol of racism and white supremacy led to a compromise in 2000 with lawmakers who insisted that it symbolized Southern heritage and states rights. The two sides came to an agreement to move the flag from the dome to a 30-foot pole next to a Confederate monument in front of the Statehouse. P90x Workouts Although the guidelines note that foreign patients, with or without documentation, should not be refused emergency treatment, there is no mention of pregnant women and children under six, who are entitled to free treatment whatever their nationality, according to the national health department s Patient Classification Manual. l Hollister Clothing Store POOR SAVINGS RETURNS PROMPT CASH WITHDRAWALS Michael Kors Factory Outlet As more companies seek to expand their presence in foreign markets through e-commerce, new business opportunities have emerged for companies like ISoftStone, an online service provider that helps small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) do cross-border business.