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I want to register complaint against corrupt practices in PSQCA hyderabad against Incharge of Hyderabad office Muhammad Hassan Keerio, Junaid ahmed wassan (Field Officer) and Mehmood Hussain Soomro (Field Officer) and Director C.A south Shabbir Qureshi These above mentioned officers are responsible for all the corrupt practices happening in Hyderabad office, I am sending the same complaint to Transparency International through online complaint form and other sources via email or their official websites. Big units like M/s D.S Motors, Hyderabad, M/s Memon Motors, Hyderabad, M/s. Raazy Motors, Hyderabad, M/s. Aasa automobile industry, Hyderabad, M/s. Pakistan oil mills, Hyd, M/s. Al-Rehman oil industries, M/s. Gulzar Oil Industries etc almost 18-19 motorcycle units and 3-4 cooking oil and banaspati are giving bribe as asked by the above corrupt officers of PSQCA hyderabad in their quartely inspection and especially in their licence cases of grant/renewal. It is a chain of corruption which starts from Director C.A South, who takes around 1 lakh to 50 thousand from these units for their licence renewal and Assistant director Hassan Keerio incharge of SDC liaison office hyderabad takes bribe from these units as they inspect them and pass their reports and cases ignoring their low quality products. Field officers Junaid ahmed wassan and mehmood hussain being the field officers inspect the units and make fake reports and send them to scrutiny officer sitting in Karachi office named Imtiaz, who shares the bribe and pass the case ignoring all low standards and it proceed to shabbir qureshi who is Director C.A South and issues licences to these units. I cannot disclose my identity and i am sick of this system and these people, i will send this report to every source i can reach. H[ope you can do something about it and further investigate so that you can know that this complaint is true in every manner.