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Johnson, who has rushed for 48 touchdowns, could break the state record of 52 (Cory McCaffrey, Sisters, 2007) when the top-seeded Loggers (11-0) play reigning state champion Vale (9-1) in a Class 3A semifinal at Hermiston on Saturday. Also, West Linn junior Tim Tawa has thrown for 3,506 yards, within striking distance of the state record of 4,047, set by Beaverton s Taylor Barton in 1997. Tawa, with 43 touchdown passes this season, probably would need three more games to beat Barton s record of 56 (1997). Dickinson, 66, also topped the Legends Honors Division for players 63 and older. k coach outlet stores orgcompany-contactspriceline). 5 points and beating second place Tucson Magnet by 57.