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More West African countries were perceived to be highly corrupt in 2013 than the previous year due to the effects of political instability in countries such as Mali, Guinea and Guinea-Bissau, according to the compiled by the global watchdog, Transparency International Forwards - Alexis Peterson, soph., Sun Prairie; Molly McKeever, soph., Appleton United; Hannah Bird, sr., Arrowhead; Lydia Cloud, sr., Black River Falls; Taylor Rudinger, sr., Chippewa Falls-Menomonie; Sally Cranston, sr., St. Croix Valley; Maddy Spangenberg, soph., Hayward/Spooner; Sydney Squires, sr., Hudson; Katie Detert, fr., Northern Edge; Paige Healy, sr., Northland Pines; Cali Sanborn, soph., Northland Pines; Baylee Darling, sr., Onalaska; Jacyn Reeves, soph., Onalaska; Nina Anderson, soph., University School; Rose Revolinski, soph., University School; Mandy Tomlinson, soph., Waupaca; Samantha O'Brien, soph., WSFLG. canada goose jacket I think this is going to be his payday, Tate said of the governor. 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b Coach Factory CENTRE-FORWARD Cheap NHL Jerseys She should begin by admitting that because Republicans had been targeting the Clintons seemingly forever, she hoped to control access to her emails so she could block any political vendetta efforts. Since her home already contained an email server that met an ex-president's vigilant security standards, it seemed a safe way for her to keep control. But she needs to admit it was dumb. It was wrong 鈥?and could have been dangerous.