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This meant that the Bears had to score 5-1 in the last two heats to draw the match. Rep. Sandy Pasch (D-Whitefish Bay) is moving into the district so she can run for re-election after her existing district was carved up and parceled into surrounding districts. Also running are Harriet Callier, Millie Coby and Ieshuh Griffin, who drew notoriety two years ago for her unsuccessful attempt to get the phrase printed by her name on the ballot. In 2012, when Hassan ran for governor the first time, she faced a challenge from the left. Hassan鈥檚 opponent, former state Sen. Jackie Cilley, lacked fundraising and no one really knew who she was, reasons that she wasn鈥檛 a perfect candidate. Hassan deserves credit for that win. What few know, however, is that Hassan was flown to Washington and encouraged to take on Shea-Porter in a Democratic Primary. Hassan turned down that idea. 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