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DAMMAM: A directive has been issued to form a local municipal election committee in Al-Baha to monitor poll violations, Al-Baha Mayor Mohammad Al-Majli told local media on Tuesday. The directive in this regard was issued by Municipal and Rural Affairs Minister Abdul Lateef Al-Asheikh, he said, adding that the panel will be headed Abdulhadi bin Ali Al-Zahrani with Saeed bin Saad Al-Omari and Ali bin Gharmallah Al-Ghamidi as members.Al-Majli said the committee will address all issues on violations and attestations within seven days from the date of registration. The committee has the right to disqualify a candidate, prevent voters from participating in the elections and cancel the victory of any candidate. It also has the right to call for re-election.The committee will begin its work on August 22 鈥?the date when the voter registration drive begins 鈥?and its duties will end as soon as council members begin work. It s not about us; it s about them g Cheap NBA Jerseys The declaration commits the council to taking a number of actions to reduce alcohol harm. Coach Outlet Store Online , Journal Sentinel Inc. All rights reserved. Not only is it a great tribute to the actor who passed away in February, it also went to benefit the charity Gishwhes, a "global scavenger hunt" which funds the nonprofit Random Acts. In the process, they have broken altruistic world records for most global hugs and most pledges to commit charitable Acts of Kindness, among others. michael kors outlet online The films, carefully staged and distributed using all modern channels, seem to be coming directly from hell. The men who see themselves as the new caliphs are performing an unparalleled dance of death, complete with the kinds of horrors once depicted by painter Hieronymus Bosch -- only these killers and executioners are anything but fiction. In Syria and along the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers in Iraq today, where human civilization once began, it is not some nightmarish fictional characters at work, but real players in contemporary history with a megalomaniacal agenda. And instead of covering up their murders, they are doing the opposite -- inviting the rest of the world to look on, proud of a brutality that knows no bounds and is both part of their military strategy and an instrument of oppression. j Cheap Uggs 鈥淚 see the huge potential here,鈥?said Wijnaldum. 鈥淚 see a club that can rise up. I always say 鈥?dare to dream. You must do everything to get trophies. Ugg Outlet Sydney coach John Longmire was quick to also praise the Cats crowd for their maturity and respect. n For her part, Coco, who is later this year, says the show will be different from other talk shows. discount oakley sunglasses AMERICAN rapper Tyler The Creator has canned his Aussie tour, after being targeted by an online campaign protesting against his lyrics. cheap ugg boots Iain Bradford marked his 300th appearance with a try as Middlesbrough moved up to fourth in Yorkshire One when they won 30-10 at home to Selby. air max 95 鈥淏asically, I haven鈥檛 an idea of what I鈥檓 doing and I mostly make it up as I go along,鈥?says Strutt, 58, who has a charming self-deprecating modesty which belies her success. 鈥淚鈥檝e always firmly advocated that homes need to be filled with more than lovely things. To be really beautiful, they must be lived in, with the 鈥榯hings鈥?complementing the human stories that run through them. Spaces must also be comfortable, practical and functional.鈥? "Absolutely, Cheap MLB Jerseys Occasionally mates who have seen the trick-shot video want to try it for themselves but it takes a rare talent to match Jackson. b Cheap NFL Jerseys He has scored just 15 goals in 91 appearances for Sunderland and has found opportunities in his preferred central striker role hard to come by. Uggs Outlet Prosser campaign manager Brian Nemoir said a legal challenge to the election results was unwarranted. , Journal Sentinel Inc. All rights reserved. cheap nfl jerseys wholesale Sevare, a garrison town about 600 kilometers (375 miles) northeast of Bamako, is at the heart of Mali s tourism industry and up until now had not been targeted in the attacks more common in the north. The extremists attacks are moving further south and directly targeting Malian soldiers and the U.N. FOND DU LAC air max 95 5) Extreme. Sometimes it seems that everything inRussia is being done inthe most extreme Oconomowoc 501 101 x - 8 moncler online outlet