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We were asked to pay the 10% of the total beneficial amount
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City Lahore
Department Development Authorities
Transaction Money
Amount Paid 5000
Office Location Arif wala

June 08, 2014 - We were asked to pay 10% of land compensation government was announced. First thing we lost our father and then to do the required paper work so that we can get the compensation is not their work- in their own words Second unless we pay him 10% of total compensation amount we might get, he will not start working on our application Third if we put forward our argument he says go and do what ever you want he will not care. I have just a question to ask, every body knows how it is agricultre sector, how hard it is to live on it. Apart from it we lost our land and to get the announced compensation we need to pay bribe. After having all these huge debates on tv about eradicating corruption, our government has done nothing in reality.  

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