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City Lahore
Department Police
Transaction Money
Amount Paid 1500
Office Location Dnt know

June 03, 2014 - I made a wrong turn coming from Gulberg This cop came sprinting from nowhere. He advised me that I had taken a wrong turn, I said I didnt know and that tgere was no sign. He didnt care. He asked me to open the door and I let him in. On the way the cop asked me what my plans for valentine n we chatted like old friends. Stupid me I dint realise the vops was trying to figure out how much I could afford for a shakedown. Ultimately, he told me that it would cost me 5K cash bail but he would take 3k n a happy valentine to me. Wr negotiated to 1.5k. He told me to drive him back and we became friends. My excuse paying the briv0be was that I needed to save some cash so I could have a good night later. Am asamed at myself.  

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