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I was looted by two policemen at the door of Police station
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City Karachi
Department Police
Transaction Money
Amount Paid 500
Office Location Korangi Road Shaheed Haq Nawaz Police station

November 29, 2013 - I am a government servant and a responsible citizen. On friday when i was back from my office Makro Lucky Star Saddar, unfortunately i was forgot my bag at office along my bike papers and wallet too, I was stopped by two policemen at the gate of "Shaheed Haq Nawaz Police Station" on Korangi Road. They asked me to show my vehicle license and i told them my whole story and asked them for favor and let me go, One policeman said me,"You, give me some favor and i'll let you go" I again requested him that i have nothing to give him as i've forgotten my wallet in office. He started searching my body i was sure that i don't have any money but suddenly his hand came out of my jacket pocket with 500 hundred rupees note(i was surprised because if was not expecting a single penny in my pocket)۔ He starred in my eyes and then put 500 rupees in his pocket and asked me to go otherwise he will arrest me along my bike....... and as i was getting late from my home i started my bike and get away from there  

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