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Going back to UK
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City Lahore
Department Airport Security Focre (ASF)
Transaction Money
Amount Paid 5000
Office Location Lahore Airport

September 04, 2013 - Travelling with my parents we were going back to Manchester. As soon as we entered the airport a senior official approached me for money. It was to get us through to check in. I refused as the better of Islam got me. However, getting through the x-ray was another guy. He threatened my dad to open every one of the 8 heavy suitcases we were carrying and put us in trouble or pay gift of 5000. My dad handed him a 5000 rupee note and he let us through. After check-in paki madness we got through the passport clearance. Right after that the security guys grabbed the hand luggage from my parents in a very disrespecting way. I was shocked and protested. They could have asked politely. It's sheer and utter madness in Pakistan and after my parents I am selling our house there and never again going to set foot on Paki soil. Pakistan is a complete disgrace to Islam and humanity.  

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