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to settle down job matters of Employees
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City Islamabad
Scam Type organization
Department Health

MEGA CORRUPTION OF Firdous Ashiq Awan´╗┐ EX-FEDERAL MINISTER MINISTRY OF NATIONAL REGULATIONS AND SERVICES REVEALED. MINISTER HAD ASKED HER OFFICERS TO GET BLACK MONEY THATS Y TODAY SHE HAS TOO MUCH GOLD AND HER NGO NAMED AS SHADE IS BEING RUB FROM THIS BLACK MONEY DETAIL: It is submitted that Ministry of National Regulations and Services started functioning in the month of November, 2012 (copy enclosed-A). Till February 2012, Secretary, Senior Joint Secretary, Deputy Secretary, three Section officers, one PS to the Secretary and One Assistant Director had joined this Ministry. There was no supporting staff except a Naib Qasid, posted by Management Services Wing (list enclosed-B). 2. Keeping in view the shortage of human resource as mentioned above, employees were requisitioned from National Council for Homoeopathy(copy of approval enclosed-C) and later was inducted in Main Ministry to run its day to day affairs with the approval of former Federal Secretary Mr. Faridullah Khan and Senior Joint Secretary Mr. Javed Sarfraz Malik (copies of office orders enclosed-D). These employees worked day and night for strengthening the Ministry and were awarded with honoraria two times by Federal Secretary Mr. Faridullah Khan and Federal Secretary Mr. Imtiaz Inayat Elahi (copies enclosed-E) and also granted with late sittings and remained posted in different sections of the Ministry (copies enclosed-F). 3. Now, after passage of a year, as Ministry is well established these employees pays have been stopped with effect from 01-01-2013 (copy of letter enclosed-G) without taking into account the contributions they made in establishment of a nascent Ministry as per rules, even the pay of an employ under suspension is not stopped whereas, they are still regularly working in Ministry even though their pays has been stopped. 4. Employees requested so many times to the Secretary (copy of appeals enclosed-H) but all in vain. Meanwhile the employees whose name for Cabinet Sub-Committee was approved by Ex- Secretary / Sr. Joint Secretary M/o NR&S Mr. Javed Sarfraz Malik (copy enclosed-I) went into Honorable Islamabad High Court and expressed their grievances in a result of which they won the case on 07-03-2013 and Honorable court passed orders to the Ministry to complete the process of regularization within 15 days which is yet not implemented employees expressed the reason of this reluctance to the Secretary on 25-03-2013 vide diary no. 753 (copy enclosed-J) but not even a single time their requests were entertained which is causing brain drain and pessimism among employees. -2- 5. Reason behind all this is that is Mr. Mustaeen Ahmed Alvi and ex-Section Officer (Admn) Mr. Muhammad Akbar Rai having personal grudge against employees and have made AGPR stop their salary as well as others since January, 2013 in spite of their satisfactory work bearing Certificates of good Service record granted by their concerned section officers they have remained most punctual throughout their service(copies of attendance sheets enclosed-K). money as a bribery was the only demand and objective of these officers for which a committee had been constituted and it was initiated only by them the main purpose was to exploit and blackmail employees. Employees already passed their reservation for this committee to the secretary (copies enclosed-L) as the said officers threw dust into the eyes of the higher authority and the enquiry file was put up keeping their vested who wanted employees to collect money from all other 35 officials whose pays have been stopped, It was not possible for them to provide such a huge amount coming to Rs. 50,000/- each within their salary package, as an evidence employees have tapes for which employees requested Federal Secretary NR&S to formulate of an independent and impartial enquiry committee to probe into bribery matter expressed above (copy enclosed) but no action against them has been taken. link of recording of Staff Officer (Mr. Muhammmad akbar Rai +923335129765) to Ex-Federal Minister, Ministry of National Regulations and Services, Government of Pakistan, Islamabad. Dr. Firdous Ashiq Awan:


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