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Fehmida Mirza alleges Sindh govt of pre-poll rigging in LB polls  

KARACHI  – National Assembly (NA) former speaker Dr Fehmida Mirza on Wednesday has alleged Sindh government of pre-poll rigging in the province ahead of local body (LB) elections.

She criticised the provincial government while talking to the media at Karachi airport.

Mirza said that the Sindhi people have had it enough and they would not accept corrupt leaders. She gave a special mention to Badin while talking about government’s alleged pre-poll rigging. She also said that evidences have been handed over to the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP).

Former NA speaker said that fake leaders who rise to power by stealing mandate would not be spared. Adding to her rigging allegations, Mirza said that administration and the government are implementing the strategy with help of one another.

She said that Sindh is going through the worst phase in terms of governance and corruption. Leaders have become civil dictators, she added.

Earlier, Mirza had said that she should bring documented proofs of pre-elections rigging in Badin on November 19. It should be mentioned here that polling for LB elections will be held on November 19 in Sindh.

On November 10, Mirza had criticised Sindh Police and said that the institution that is supposed to take care of the people is politicized. She said that not one from inspector general to inspector is free of bias and political influence.

She does not know which door to knock for justice, she said. Sindh former home minister Zulfiqar Mirza’s wife said that if an ex-NA speaker was facing issues, people could imagine what a commoner must go through.

It is worth mentioning here that Zulfiqar Mirza had sworn over the Holy Quran earlier and leveled allegations against Pakistan People’s Party’s (PPP) co-chairman Asif Ali Zardari. He had parted ways from the Zardari and Fehmida followed with husband’s tiff.

The family has since seen expected repercussions of creating a hostile environment in a PPP-led province.

Earlier in the first phase of LB elections in Sindh, as many as 11 lives were lost to an exchange of fire in Khairpur at a polling station. Police had said that the ruling party, PPP clashed with Pakistan Muslim League-Functional (PML-F).

The deadly clash injured at least 15 people while five were termed quite critical then by medics. PML-F’s leader Nusrat Sehr Abbasi had strongly condemned the attack and held PPP responsible for the lives lost.


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