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Crossing One way
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City Karachi
Department Police
Resisted By me

June 23, 2014 - I was on my way to the passport office with my wife but was getting late so I thought of just crossing the liberty Chowk not by going towards gulberg and coming back from the signal, instead i took the service lane and headed towards Liberty roundabout. there were two cars and one motor cycle ahead of me and they successfully got away with it, however my bad luck that the second I crossed a constable pulled me over and said hand over the documents. I knew i was at wrong and was not happy with myself to what i did. But being a human I asked for forgiveness and asked the constable that why did the three others were let go and i was caught. He said well your bad luck and not you have to pay. I was not satisfied by the answer and i told him that he should alert the others on wireless so they can get caught too and be penalized like i am being penalized. He said don't be a smarty pants but we can work this out if you want. The second he said that I took my stand and asked him 'So you are asking me to bribe you?' and he said no chai pani.. and I got aggravated and relied 'I am getting late for my passport made but now i don't care. I will stand here and will keep standing until you either let me go or take me to your senior so i can tell him that you are asking me to bribe you, But I swear to God that if you think i will bribe you then By God I will not let your wish come true'. He looked at me with a look that actually had a bit of shame in his eyes and after a 30 mins of this argument he said, i'll let you go and I hope that you do not break the road rules again. Since that day I made a pact to myself that no matter what the circumstances are 'DO NOT try to do good with bad' as bad will only end with bad. Pay the price which is legal but do not promote these so called official scum bags to bribe.  

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