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City Lahore
Department Lahore Development Authority
Resisted By me

December 28, 2012 - I purchased a house in sabzazar scheme lahore in 1994 and got transferred in my name instantly.The prices of plots rose in 2002 and I went to the a property dealer to sell the plot for 20 lakh.The property dealer instanly offerred a token of Rs.10,000/- and received from me a photocopy of LDA's transfer letter in my name.After two days he told me that although the land acquired against your plot have khasra numbers not included in the list of khasra numbers of land acquired for bund but they are similar to those acquired for the bund.He asked me that he is ready to purchase if I get the repots of the plot done from the LDA.I was busy in those days and therefore asked him to pay bribe to LDA for reports himself as I wanted net Rs.20 lakh.He asked me to return the token which I did.He also informed me that LDA will allow me to construct a house but obstruct in transfer of plot to anyone else.I therefore constructed a house and LDA also issued me Completion Certificate with nominal bribes.To check the correctness of dealer's statement of 2002 I applied to LDA for clearance cetfificate in 2012 but LDA objected the same saying the the land acquired against the plot of the house is under bund. I went to the patwari of the halqa where the acquired land lie who told me that 30% land is in scheme and 70% is under motorway.I prepared a clarification letter to LDA and wanted to enter LDA building for nominal bribe but the guards did not allow me to enter in the building. I thefore deposited the application on the one window cell.The LDA again objected on the same ground.I went in appeal to the Honourable mohtisib punjab who decided the case in my favour. I again applied to LDA on the basis of Mohtisib's order but the LDA informed me that the LDA has gone to the Governor against the orders of Honourable Mohtasib Punjab.I have also applied to the Governor punjab with request to early hear LDA's appeal as I need money for higher education and marriage of my children(which is true).I have also submitted documents that land was acquired for scheme and not for bund.All are requested to pray for my success.  

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