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Job as a Teacher
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City Lahore
Department Education
Resisted By me

November 30, 2012 - I joined education department in 2004, I and my sister applied for ESE and SESE, during the selection procedure when I was quite hopeless for the job assuming that this is a corrupt system and we shall get nothing, a clerk from education department phoned me without I pursue for the job, he said if you pay 20000 for your job and your sister, then you will get the job. I said, I had no money. He told that in this way you will not get job. I took two days and thought about it but could not manage the money. Then, at his phone I refused to pay the money and told him that I cannot do so. He said your job will be lost in this way. I said, ok as you wish, then he asked for 10000 which i also refused as I had no source of income. After this I told one of my students' father who was also a school teacher that a clerk was saying so, he said give me your name and address and application no, i gave him with no hope but after 2 or 3 days he handed an appointment letter to me saying that I was selected but this was a way of bribe of office clerks, I thanked Allah and him and joined the department.  

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