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Birth certificate urgency
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City Islamabad
Department Municipal Services
Resisted By me

November 09, 2012 - This happened at CDA's municipal corporation, at the fire-brigade building, Islamabad. I won't take names, even though i really want to. I applied for the CDA birth certificate for my new born child 15 days ago. They said come after 45 days to pick it up. I wanted to send the certificate to the Australian embassy as soon as possible. So i asked the guy for urgent services that CDA might offer. He said there are no urgent services but (in a low tone) the computer entry guy in room 1 might be able to help out. So i went to this guy and he said in the usual bribery collection way that he can help me get it sooner if i was ok with helping him out as well. He told me to write the name and info on a paper and he'll get it done. I was desperate, but the Quranic Ayah about bribe swept through my mind and i said to hell with this. I walked out of his office disgusted by the fact that he wanted a bribe for such a little thing. Shame on CDA for having such personnel.  

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