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Bypassing the Queue to make new passport
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City Lahore
Department Passport
Resisted By me

June 14, 2010 - I was in the queue at almost number 70-75 in the morning. Since there is no printed queue number therefore people enter in the application processing room in a small group of 4-5 once there are some free places. The agents on the other hand take money ranging from PKR 500-1000 and get you in the processing room from a side door. I did not bribe anyone even when I could have easily afforded it. The result was... when I eventually entered the room after waiting for 5-6 hours then I got around 572 number on token. :) In other words it means there were almost 450-500 people who were entered through the side doors. I am not sure who to blame, those who paid the bribe for avoiding the queue? or those who allowed them to enter from the side doors.  

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