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City Peshawar
Department OTHER
Person Public
Amount 30,000,000

July 05, 2012 - Dear Sir, I would like to lodge complaint against Pakistan Tobacco Board, ministry of Commerce Peshawar which continuous the corrupt practices going on in the public department. The matter has been already brought to the surface by ministry of Commerce, National accountability bureau and Standing committee on commerce but till date no such action or remedy has been initiated against the influential officers and deputationist who joined the board just only for their malpractices. The ministry of commerce has witnessed the irregularities and corrupt practices of Pakistan Tobacco Board especially the deputationist from education department currently serving Tobacco board from the years. These deputationist are in tobacco board for a purpose which is now brought to the surface by NAB and other concerns but unfortunately these deputationist are so influential that despite coming there irregularities on the surface still there corrupt practices are not stopped. Those who raise voice against these corrupt elements was horrified and terrified by the high officers of Pakistan Tobacco Board in reports wherein it was pointed out a lot of irregularities and corrupt practices of some influential’s and instead of appreciating the bold efforts the concern officers have been victimized. The victimization of those officers are made for a purpose and that was to bury audit observation in order to conceal the facts from coming to the surface. There are serious irregularities dig-out of embezzlements/ misappropriation, losses suffered to PTB, and irregularities, violation of rules, wrong doings on the part of various officers of PTB despite tremendous pressure and hurdle due to interference of some influential officers of PTB. These irregularities has now been come into the notice of Standing committee on commerce held on 27th July 2012. Precise information regarding some of these wrong doings are as under: a. The audit report for the period June 2011 till 31st Dec 2011 reflects the factual position of the irregularities and misappropriation/ misuse of the government assets. Pertinent to mention over here is the fact that the management did not allowed the auditor to conduct audit of PTB’s field offices as well as Head office by Deputy Director (budget & finance) who is a deputationist with a purpose. b. There are millions of rupees irregularities (now affirmed by The News and Business Recorder as well)pointed out by the Internal auditor of the Tobacco Board which was based and came in his notice from the relevant record provided; the poor internal auditor was of the views that the senior officers of PTB would appreciate his honest and sincere efforts but unexpectedly he faced an embarrassing situation as most of them including the Chairman-PTB became hostile and verbally pressurized him to withdraw the audit report. When the poor auditor refused the withdrawal of audit report because such action is totally against the ethics of audit and requested them to submit replies against those observations, his services was terminated from the Board. The higher authorities instead of penalizing the culprits terminated me from service, which is against the norms of justice and unlawful. c. Beside audit report, there are many other serious irregularities pointed out wrong doings including serious charges on the part of various officers of PTB including Mr. Naseer Khattak, Chief Planning Officer and Akbar Ali DS (Admin) which includes irregularities in the Purchases of Land for the tobacco board which is of value amounting to Rs. 76.00 Million. All such observation are available on concerned files, the irregularities in purchases of lands, construction works of value amounting to Rs. 14.00 Million, misuse of official vehicles on which million of rupees has been withdrawn by the concern officers as it is gold sparrow for the officer, irregularities in the cess income which is amounting to millions, irregular appointments of staff / daily wage staff etc (as confirmed by The News & Business Recorder). copies of such record can be produced on demand. d. The worst part of corrupt practices in tobacco board is that destruction / displacement of that specific official record where in serious irregularities were pointed out regarding some influential figures. Instead of providing replies, the relevant portion of various official (public) records was destroyed or displaced because the culprits could not justify their positions against their wrong doings as brought to the surface. The services of the concern poor auditor has been terminated through various sources by such influential figures so that there irregularities can be buried. e. These information of irregularities and corrupt practices was provided on the demand of inquiry committee constituted by the Ministry of Commerce comprising Mr. Maqsood Khan (Deputy Secretary Export) and Qazi Imran-Ud-Din (Section officer). Such an action on the part of appellant grown enmity in hearts of some senior influential officers and appellant was victimized (as confirmed by The News & Business Recorder). 2. The corrupt practices and injustice continue on it's peak and the termination from service is made illegally and without lawful authority because the Chairman PTB is not authorized in respect of officer in BPS-16 and above (Copy of amendments in PTB’s rules 1985 reveals) 6. Mr. Naseer Khan Khattak (CPO) who is holding the charge of Deputy director (budget & finance) as well and it has been reported that he is running an NGO with the name of " Foundation for Rural Development" website: for which the internal auditor questioned the Chief planning officer as under the Government rule a government employee can not do employment at two places due to which Mr. Naseer Khan Khattak became more hyper and did allow the internal auditor to make further inquiry in this regard for which I pretend (in good faith) that he is also a part of that specific NGO besides holding a government post. Injustice will be done to every person who will raise voice for justice against the evil and corrupt mafia and the corruption will remains in our department if no action is initiated against these corrupt mafia. I hope that the transparency international of Pakistan have the wisdom and courage to make these amends and restore serenity, calm, compassion, patience and justice tempered with mercy to our tobacco board in order to do justice to tobacco growers and tobacco board employees. "Building integrity and reducing corruption for a transparent Pakistan" Yours Sincerely, Anonymous For reference and authentication of the above information, please visit the below mentioned links: 1) malpractices-in-tobacco-board 2) 3) 1) BUSINESS RECORDER “The committee also discussed administrative issues of PTB. According to a presentation, a case regarding embezzlement of Rs 9.70 million is pending before the Accountability Court of Peshawar. Three enquiries are pending with NAB, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa: Acquisition of land at Jampur, Pishin, Buner and Mansehra, irregular appointments in PTB, maintenance and repair work, three departmental enquiries, which are also being conducted by the Ministry of Commerce. An enquiry by Ministry of Commerce is being conducted against, former secretary PTB for irregularities. By Business Recorder on July 27, 2012 (MUSHTAQ GHUMMAN)” 2) THE NEWS “An inquiry report has confirmed the alleged irregularities and malpractices in Pakistan Tobacco Board (PTB) by concluding that there are serious flaws in the transactions of the board in its awarding of cess contract, purchase of land, repair of buildings, appointments and internal audit (as audit is not independent).” By The News, Thursday, April 05, 2012 Aftab Maken”  

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