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Corruption and Dictatorship of VC, Agriculture University, Faisalabad
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City Faisalabad
Department Education
Person VC, University of Agriculture, Faisalabad
Amount 3,200,000

April 07, 2011 - University of Agriculture, Faisalabad has a historical history of 105 years in Agriculture Research & Education sector. But now days this institute has been facing several un-desirable issues regarding Corruption, Recruitments, and Promotions since the appointment of Iqrar Ahmad Khan as Vice Chancellor. Moreover, the academic and administration blocks have been suffering through the dictatorship and discriminative actions taken by the Vice Chancellor. The Vice Chancellor continuously targeting university employees brutally and innocent faculty members feeling insecurity. Your kind authority is requested to help the faculty members of the university of Agriculture, Faisalabad in initiating a serious action/ enquire against Iqrar Ahmad Khan through higher Government officials of Pakistan.*Whole text of application with all available documentary evidences, letters, Government notifications and newspaper cuttings regarding financial embezzlements/corruption and dictatorship of the Vice Chancellor attached here with as proof for necessary action. Financial Embezzlements/Corruption and Dictatorship of the Vice Chancellor, University of Agriculture, Faisalabad. Summary of main Charges on the Vice Chancellor, Iqrar Ahmad Khan:  The Financial Embezzlement /Salary issue of the Vice Chancellor, UAF.  (Vice Chancellor drawing more than Entitlement).  Endowment Fund Secretariat (EFS) Corruption.  List of 80 Writ petitioners with this application clearly indicates the poor and malafied governance of the Vice Chancellor in university of Agriculture.  Severe irregularities in Sports Quota based students Admissions 2008-2011.  The Criteria of Evaluation while determining the Eligibility of candidates of Professors & Associate Professors has been neglected (recommended by HEC) to accommodate blue-eyed members  Corruption in Construction contracts.  VC engages Retired officials, illegal promotions and heavy salaries to very blue-eyed retired faculty members.  Seven (7) female students allegedly confined and detained for a period of almost eight hours till mid night & sexually harassed.  Intentional fire to burn the whole records of Construction contracts and Hostel renovation bills.  Appointments of real brother as regular Assistant Professor in BPS-19, who was not eligible for the said post.  Ban on the students unions.  Removal from services of Ad-hoc employees.  American/European/Foreign tours with very Blue–Eyed faculty members.  Protests against HEC since August, 2010.  Attempt of kidnapping on a contract employee named Mr. Tahir Rasheed who made a press conference against the corruption of the Vice Chancellor.  Arrest of five innocent students during the Eid holidays from their homes.  Farm land income corruption during 2008-2011.  Mega Corruption Plan during Golden Jubilee Celebrations (13-20 March, 2011), University of Agriculture, Faisalabad.  

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